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What is a “CMS” and Do I need one?

What is a CMS?“CMS” stands for Content Management System.  With CMS software running on your site, you have the ability to make changes and update content without requiring the technical knowledge of a web designer.

WordIf you know your way around a wordprocessor, then you more than likely already have the skill to use a CMS editor to begin applying updates to a CMS website.

Do I need a CMS?

Joomla 2.5.14 released – Security release

Joomla.orgThe Joomla Project has made available a security release (i.e. it addresses security issues in the Joomla core software).  If you have a Joomla website, then you should keep the Joomla core software up to date – particularly if it addresses security issues.  This helps protect your website against security issues like malware, viruses and hackers.  See this link for details on the release:

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About this blogThis blog is intended to give small business and non-profit organizations some helpful information and advice for running their websites, in non-technical terms.

It will cover topics including:  content management systems, SEO, social media, website security, tutorials, resources, blogging… and many others.  So check out the blog posts and feel free to leave comments.