Joomla Security Releases Available – 2.5.25 & 3.3.4

Joomla Security ReleasesThe Joomla Project has made available two security releases (i.e. they address security issues in the Joomla core software).  If you have a Joomla website, then you should keep the Joomla core software up to date – particularly if it addresses security issues.  This helps protect your website against security issues like malware, viruses and hackers.

Joomla.orgSee these links for details on the releases:

For the 2.5.x, long-term support versions,

For the 3.x, short-term support versions,

If you’re not sure which release you need, speak to your webmaster about getting your site updated.

Also, if you’re running a site on version 2.5.x, then you should also start thinking about upgrading to version 3 since support for 2.5 is ending at the end of the year.


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