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Passwords Managers – Why You Should Have One

sticky noteStrong passwords are key to keeping our online personal information and all types of sensitive data secure. A strong password is also important for keeping your own website, be it WordPress or Joomla, secure and safe from hacker intrusions.

We are required to have an ever-growing number of passwords for an ever-growing number of websites, apps, services, etc. One option is to use one easy to remember password for everything. The problem with that approach is hackers are on to that one. They will automatically try the same login information on multiple sites to see if it works. They will also try every common password known to man. I’m sure you’ve seen the multiple lists of terrible passwords to avoid at all costs.

The best passwords are the ones you cannot possibly guess… or even remember.

  • They should be long, the longer the better. If a site has a maximum password length, use it.
  • They should be complex, containing a mixture of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers.
  • They should be different for every site you access.

So how can we possibly manage all these secure, unmemorizable passwords?