WordPress 3.9 – new (major) release

wp-logo-stackedI’m always a little wary about upgrading any software to a major new release.  It needs to be tested very thoroughly to try and account for every conceivable configuration and platform.  And with an ever expanding number of devices and platforms, that’s a pretty tough task.

But I upgraded a few sites to WordPress 3.9 this past week and to my delight, all went well!  It seems that the people at WordPress.org, and really the whole open source community working on WordPress, have it together and are doing something right.  Since I’ve started using WordPress close to a year ago, I’ve never had an issue with any upgrades.  Thanks WP developers!

All that said, before making any changes or updating software, it’s always a good idea to:

Make a backup of your website in case the software upgrade causes a problem.  This way you can easily restore your site if necessary.

Test changes or software upgrades on a test site, if possible, before installing on your live website.  You really don’t want to have your live site go down do you?

What’s new in WordPress 3.9?

Here’s a quick summary of the new features

  • Improved visual editor
  • Easier image editing
  • Drag & drop images directly into posts
  • Image gallery preview in your editor
  • Create lists of audio and video clips
  • Live widget and header previews
  • New theme browser

You can get more details and see the official press release here.   And here’s the official video introducing WordPress 3.9:

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